Simplify the Complex Processes for Syndicating Your Product Data to Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms With Our Omnichhannel Solutions. 

E-commerce has become the fastest-growing, most profitable way to sell today. But if there's anything higher than the number of e-commerce channels around, it's the number of different integration intricacies each channel imposes on your data.

Your Master Data Management (MDM) must implement an e-commerce content syndication pattern that meets the strict data demands of every channel from Amazon to Kroger. The complexity of the process can leave your head spinning.

That's why you need an application programming interface (API) to quickly and seamlessly syndicate data to any supported channel.

IntelliTide pioneered the e-syndication architecture pattern that combines the powers of MDM, e-commerce syndication and e-commerce analytics. Together, they list your products on online marketplaces of your choice and produce insights that help you make smart e-commerce strategy and sales decisions faster and more accurately.

Automate all types of data integrations for your enterprise e-commerce platforms.

Regardless of channel, IntelliTide's solutions will:

  • Establish a secure data connection.
  • Map and transform the item hierarchy between the MDM source and the destination e-commerce platform.
  • Map attributes between MDM and the e-commerce platform.
  • Transform the data to confirm to the destination schemas for items with variants.
  • Account for various platform attribution rules/validations.
  • Create an MDM callback/replay mechanism to manage errors and resubmit data.
  • Scale design for optimal performance.

We bring the tide that takes your e-commerce omnichannel strategy and reveals:


Which online channel sales platforms get optimum results:

The e-syndication implementation style is not a useful or appropriate pattern when syndicating to one or two e-commerce channels. As the number of channels increases, the pattern gains in utility.


The right balance between data quality and speed of product introduction:

Some companies at times need to make minor concessions on data quality to accelerate the introduction of products online. When selling on multiple platforms, setting up the product content for each channel could be time consuming. Your omnichannel e-commerce solutions need to find the right balance between content richness and speed. If you’re selling fast-moving products, you need to ensure that too much focus on data quality and richness doesn’t slow introduction of your merchandise.


Granular analytics for every product:

In your e-syndication implementation, you need to know how your items are selling on each e-commerce channel carrying your wares – and not just overall sales. IntelliTide’s sales analytics drill down to the level of category, product line, season and customer profile. You will gain priceless knowledge on what products to maintain and which to delist.


Your channel-based pricing strategy:

Why does a product sell on one platform and not another? It may boil down to selecting the right price points for different audiences. IntelliTide analytics can give you insights on pricing that lift engagement and conversions based on who shops a channel, when they shop, and why.

Ask about our e-commerce omnichannel strategy that maximizes your content syndication!

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